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RE Wrenches Member List
RE Wrenches Member List - Registration Agreement Terms

The member biography list is reserved for approved members of the RE-Wrenches listserver.

If you have been approved for membership, you can use the registration key you were sent to build your biography .

If you have not yet been approved, send your qualifications by email to

Once you have filled out the profile, the info will be reviewed by the administrator and, when accepted, will become live within the Member List.

As you fill out the form, be sure to save your log in name and password info so you can make biography changes in the future. Also note that the email listserver is separate from the biographies, and requires its own login and password to change list email options.

Please enter the key you were sent by the administrator and click 'Continue' to open the biography form.

I wish to apply for membership at the RE Wrenches Mailing list

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