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Personal Information:

Name: Chris Worcester
Residence Address: 16713 Greenlee Rd.
City, State: Truckee, CA
Zip Code: 96160
Residence Telephone Number: 530-448-9692
E-mail address:
Year of Birth: 1953

Personal Comments:

I live in Russel Valley which is 11 miles north of Truckee Ca.. When I bought my land in Russel Valley it was 6 miles down a dirt road without any utilities. That was in 1977, Phones came out here in 1981 & power in 1991. I chose the phone, no brainer, & not the power, also a no brainer for me. Now the county has paved to within a mile of us. Our house is needless to say off the grid, with wind and solar lighting our way. We have wood & solar hot water, 2 composting toilets, a gray water system that irrigates the fruit trees, and a spring I developed for our domestic water supply. There's an attached pit greenhouse with intregal convection loops to help heat the home, mass floors, a food cold storage room in the basement & more. We enjoy biking, kayaking, skiing, hiking, and walks in the woods around us.

Business Information:

Business Name: Solar Wind Works
Business Address: P. O. Box 2511
Suite/Unit/Apt #:  
City, State: Truckee, CA
Zip Code: 96160
Business Telephone: 530-582-4503
Business FAX: 530-582-4603
Business Email Address:
Business Website:
Business Founded Month-Year: 08-99
Principal Product or Service: sales, design, installation & service of RE systems
License or Contractor Number: 796322
NABCEP PV (or Wind) Installation Professional Certification Date:: 10-13-04

Business Comments:

Solar Wind Works evolved from my interest/life style of treading lightly on & striving to be in balance with this planet. I'm dedicated to my/our childrens future. I've been in construction since the late 60's & have a firm concept on good design & installation habits & techniques. This is a rapidly developing industry & I'm doing what I can to educate myself on the changes. I've mostly worked with off grid & grid tie PV systems, doing many custom hybrids too. I strive for system efficiency, longevity and safety, & I'm not one to cut corners.

Last Updated: Aug 3, 2011

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