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Personal Information:

Name: Chris Falco
Residence Address:  
City, State: Berkeley, CA
Zip Code:  
Residence Telephone Number:  
E-mail address:
Year of Birth: 1964

Personal Comments:

I like music of all kinds, especially Bluegrass/Newgrass, Psychedelic Rock, Arabic, Latin, African & socially conscious Hip-Hop. I like beer, especially very hoppy IPAs. I like being out in nature. I don't eat or wear animals, although I can think of a few politicians I'd like to skin. I love the poetry of Rumi. I don't listen to commercial radio and I don't watch much TV. I listen to Pacifica more than NPR. I run my car on B99 biodiesel. I usually bike to work. I am interested in permaculture and eco-architecture. I enjoy documentary film although I think that “The Big Lebowski” is probably the best film ever made. I've been doing solar since '98. I don't own a tie. Or a suit.

Business Information:

Business Name: Sunpower
Business Address: 2954 San Pablo Ave.
Suite/Unit/Apt #:  
City, State: Berleley, CA
Zip Code: 94702
Business Telephone: 510.637.8609
Business FAX:  
Business Email Address:
Business Website:
Business Founded Month-Year:  
Principal Product or Service: PV modules & installations, residential & commercial
License or Contractor Number:  
NABCEP Certification Date:  

Business Comments:

Installed DHW, Radiant & some PV for Sun Light & Power in Berkeley, CA from '98 to 2000.

Installed Pool solar & DHW for Alliance Solar in Alameda, CA through 2000 half-way into 2001.

From mid 2001 to late 2005 installed PV with the "Dream Team" for Light Energy Systems in Concord, CA.

From mid 2005 to mid 2006 installed PV as a foreman at Borrego Solar in Berkeley, CA.

From July 2007 to the present I am working on large scale PV systems (100kW +) as a service tech at Powerlight, which was assimilated (Borg voice here) by Sunpower the same week I joined up.

My favorite PV gig was doing a volunteer install on a renovated house in the Lower 9th ward in New Orleans in March 2007.

Last Updated: Aug 25, 2007

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