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Personal Information:

Name: Carl Reuter
Residence Address: 333 Alder Ave
City, State: Ben Lomond, CA
Zip Code: 95005
Residence Telephone Number: 831-336-8650
E-mail address:
Year of Birth: 1957

Personal Comments:

I've spent four years living off the grid and close to nature and at one point cruised central America and the Caribbean for two years on my sailboat, doing solar work along the way and checked out power systems and life styles in a dozen countries. I love AE technology and see it as my work to be able to turn others onto it as a way to lessen the destruction of our planet. My hobbies mostly involve being outdoors and away from cities and include: surfing, sailing, rock climbing, caving, travelling and playing music.

Business Information:

Business Name: Land and Sea Solar
Business Address: 333 Alder Ave
Suite/Unit/Apt #:  
City, State: Ben Lomond, CA
Zip Code: 95005
Business Telephone: 831-336-8650
Business FAX: 831-336-8647
Business Email Address:
Business Website:
Business Founded Month-Year: 1990
Principal Product or Service: Renewable energy system sales, design and installation
License or Contractor Number: 524855
NABCEP Certification Date:  

Business Comments:

My first work with solar began 16 years ago when I did installations of PV systems to sailboats. I soon found the off-grid market to be more lucrative and at first alternated between that and general contracting to support myself, eventually building enough of a client base to enable me to focus primarily on selling and installing systems and in more recent years to branch out into water pumping,domestic water heating,backup power and grid-intertie systems. My passion is off-grid applications of solar,wind and perhaps someday micro-hydro.I've enjoyed working on systems in Latin America(third world folks are so grateful for even the smallest improvements),and would like to someday do village power systems and eco-tourist resorts. I come from a family of machinists,airplane mechanics and carpenters and am a born tinkerer; improvisation comes naturally and I love the challenges that come up in the field. Lastly, I hate paperwork and would rather not be my own secretary, receptionist or bookeeper but thats the breaks for being self employed.

Last Updated: Nov 13, 2006

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