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Personal Information:

Name: Owen Jones
Residence Address: 118 Main Street
City, State: Kingston, NM
Zip Code: 88042
Residence Telephone Number: 575-895-5150
E-mail address:
Year of Birth: 1936

Personal Comments:

I moved to the Black Range Mountains (Kingston,NM) a few years ago for the quietness (no sirens - except when I'm driving the fire truck to an emergency), coolness and the clear night sky - no street lights! My wife (Susan) is my bookkeeper (prof. exp. = 30 yrs. +) and keeps me on track. For awhile I was a commercial pilot flying internationally. I also operated a couple of automotive repair shops. I am an EMT and a volunteer fire fighter. One of my main interests is paying attention to the collapse of the world's fiat money system and ruminating on what system will follow it.

Business Information:

Business Name: Amber Electric, LLC
Business Address: 118 Main Street
Suite/Unit/Apt #:  
City, State: Kingston, NM
Zip Code: 88042
Business Telephone: 575-895-5150
Business FAX: 575-895-5150
Business Email Address:
Business Website:  
Business Founded Month-Year: 1992
Principal Product or Service: Electrical Contractor
License or Contractor Number: 365407
NABCEP Certification Date: none

Business Comments:

I am principal member and qualifying party of Amber Electric, LLC (formerly Amber Electric Co.) and have been an electrician for many years. We install and service residential, commercial and industrial electrical systems including RE electrical systems. We have installed both grid-tie and hybrid PV systems and wind turbine systems.

Last Updated: Jun 14, 2010

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