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This Wrench List participant is a
Manufacturer's Representative.

Personal Information:

Name: Alex MeVay
Residence Address:  
City, State: Boston, MA
Zip Code:  
Residence Telephone Number:  
E-mail address:
Year of Birth: 1979

Personal Comments:

I became involved in solar power in 2002 while racing and cruising the Caribbean and Europe in an engineless sailboat, including two solo Atlantic crossings. More recently, I have enjoyed exploring the desert Southwest near Blue Sky Energy's California office in a 1982 VW Westfalia with 200W of solar, which also doubles as a mobile design office and test platform for our solar charge controllers.

Business Information:

Business Name: Blue Sky Energy/Genasun
Business Address: 444 Somerville Ave
Suite/Unit/Apt #:  
City, State: Somerville, MA
Zip Code: 02143
Business Telephone: 760-597-1642
Business FAX:  
Business Email Address:
Business Website:
Business Founded Month-Year: 1998
Principal Product or Service: MPPT Solar Charge Controllers
License or Contractor Number: None
NABCEP PV (or Wind) Installation Professional Certification Date:: None

Business Comments:

Blue Sky Energy, originally founded as RV Power Products, moved from AC-powered battery chargers to develop the first small and affordable MPPT solar charge controllers in 1998, focusing on the RV market. In 2005, seeking lightweight and efficient MPPT controllers for the smaller (~50-100W) solar systems aboard the small sailboats I was racing, I founded Genasun. In 2014, I purchased Blue Sky Energy, combining the two companies to offer a complete line of MPPT solar charge controllers for systems ranging from 10W up to several kW.

Last Updated: Aug 22, 2018

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