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Viewing profile :: Bryan Norkunas
This Wrench List participant is a
Manufacturer's Representative.

Personal Information:

Name: Bryan Norkunas
Residence Address: 1155 Redway Dr, PO Box 2562
City, State: Redway, CA
Zip Code: 95560
Residence Telephone Number: 7079233000
E-mail address: BRYAN@PV-CABLES.COM
Year of Birth: 1980

Personal Comments:


Business Information:

Business Name: PV-Cables Inc.
Business Address: 1155 Redway Dr, PO Box 2562
Suite/Unit/Apt #:  
City, State: Redway, CA
Zip Code: 95560
Business Telephone: 7079233000
Business FAX:  
Business Email Address: BRYAN@PV-CABLES.COM
Business Website:
Business Founded Month-Year: 06/2010
Principal Product or Service: PV-Cables
License or Contractor Number: none
NABCEP PV (or Wind) Installation Professional Certification Date:: none

Business Comments:

PV-Cables specialize in the manufacturing of wire and cable products specifically for the solar industry.

Last Updated: Sep 4, 2019

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